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The same way a kid is trained to behave well, also the dogs need some training. As a matter of fact, every member of the family will be happy with a dog that follows rules as required. Dogs have always needed a human approval because they always intend to please the owner. This can only be attained when trained.Below are some of the training tips that are important to a dog.

Below are some of the training tips that are important to a dog:

Dog Training

1) Listen to the pup

It is very important that you listen to your dog. For instance, if meeting another person, animal, or dog makes your dog feel insecure, do not force it to say hello. For a reason, the dog is conveying to you that it is not comfortable, and you need to take that into account. Contrary, forcing the dog will bring some negative issues later.

2) Be kind with your fondness

The majority of dog owners will not hesitate to demonstrate a certain character when their dogs make them unhappy but will choose not to show how happy they are when the dogs do some good deeds. This is very wrong. One should give his/her dog some attention when it does the correct thing. This will make him know that he has done a good thing. In fact, that is the time you should increase your praise to the dog.

3) Does the dog really prefer it?

Despite the fact that you will find some dog food written “Amazing food for the dog” not all dogs will like it. There are some who are choosy on what enters their mouth. It is preferable to give the dog some chewy and soft treats as they seem more exciting than those hard ones. In short, you should know which treat your dog prefers by observing the reaction when it is eating.

4) Convey to him what you need him to perform

It is absolutely not wrong to tell your dog “No.” what you only have failed is to give more information as to why you don’t want. It is better to tell the pup what it should be doing, rather saying no. for instance, telling a dog no when it has jumped on someone, it will not exactly know if it is because he didn’t jump higher or on one side, etc. but telling him what to do will seem okay.

5) Maintain consistency:

It is better than when your dog is undergoing some training, family members to be around and be part of the training. For instance, it is better for everyone in the family to say off when it has climbed on the sofa, rather than one telling him “off” and another one saying ”down”. This will definitely confuse the dog.

6) Let your expectations be real

Behavior changes s a gradual process that requires time. As the owner, you should have some realistic expectations of what behaviors your dog should learn and the amount of time it will take to learn them. General behaviors like the barking, jumping, and digging, tend to consume a lot of time. this means that you should start training him from the time he is a pup so as to grow up knowing this is what is supposed to be done.

7) Consider the benefits of giving him quality food

A dog needs quality food that is rich in proteins. If the work of the dog all day is to sleep in the house, it is not advisable to feed him with same proteins as a dog that performs a task like herding sheep. Experts advise that the same money you use in feeding the dog with quality food is the same amount that is being saved in terms of veterinary fee later on. it is better to inquire which diet is best from your vet.

8) What you reinforce s what you get, and not always what you want

When a dog portrays a certain behavior that you dislike, it must have been that it was taught sometime before. For instance, if a pup brings a toy and barks to persuade you to throw it, by throwing, it will learn that barking is the way to entice you into doing what he wants. If you say no, he will still bark. Here, you’ll have confused the dog. Better still is when you ignore the banks and let the dog do something that you want before you can throw the toy as the dog needs.

9) Which is the best between bribery and rewarding?

Bribery can be seen as training a dog by the use of treats. As a matter of fact, dogs will do what will function best. If by handing him treats will make him learn better, then don’t hesitate to use them. But since learning is a living thing that does not end, it s not very advisable to always use treats to make the dog do something. It is better to use food only when at a training session, and only the good deed is supposed to be rewarded, and not the treatment should be used to make the dog do a good deed.

10) Freedom

Allow the dog to slowly gain freedom in the home. It is a serious mistake to give the dog all the freedom at once. Such will likely to trigger accidents when it comes to household training or will end up doing some destruction like the chewing of things. Make sure rooms that are not used are closed. The most effective way to prevent accidents in the house is by keeping the dog leashed close to you while you are in the house.