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Many benefits come with owning a dog. In this article, we will provide you with information on why we think that the dog is the best pet man can have and why you need to acquire one if you do not.

 Dogs Make the Best Pets

Why is a dog the best pet?

Simple talk without the necessary proof is wasting your precious time. Here are the reasons why everybody needs a dog:

They are a source of security:

While most people would prefer owning a dog, some humans think that cats are better pets. However, the dog has an upper hand over the cat because of its ability to provide you with security. Many are the stories that we have heard regarding dogs that have helped save the life of their owners. Dogs have the ability to look after your compound while you are away making sure that everything remains intact. Anyone or anything that will ensure that you do not lose what is yours is your absolute friend and companion. That is what the dog is.

Dogs are loyal:

According to research and surveys, dogs are some of the most loyal creatures. For a very long time now, this theory has been put to the test and each time it has come out to be right. Today, over 40% of dog owners agree that they tell most of their secrets to their dog simply because they trust the dog’s loyalty.

They make you active:

Many are the times that you take evening walks with your dog just to see how the streets look like. This provides you with a form of practicing exercise. Your body becomes active with these walks and after some time, you will notice that you are growing fitter by the day. Truth is, if you did not own a dog, there was no chance you were going to take those evening walks. The dog is, therefore, the best pet.

They do what they have to do outside:

One thing with dogs is that they do not poo in the house. Unlike cats, you do not have to walk around sniffing out to see if you can find traces of pet stool in the house. Dogs save you from this disgusting adventure by finishing their business outside the house.

Dogs genuinely love:

When a dog loves you, it will never turn against you. The study shows that dogs have the “love hormone”. When they interact with humans that they find friendly, they release this hormone and they love the people back.


Dogs have been friends with humans since a very long time ago. They are the undisputed kings when it comes to providing loyalty. With a dog, you can never get bored because every evening you will have to take it out for a walk. Dogs are simply amazing. If you do not own one then for sure you are missing many things.